UK Gambling Laws and Information

The world of gambling is a fascinating one and on a daily basis, people invest million on the casinos and the excitement gets doubled when people encountered the same gambling experience online.

The online gambling experience was loved across the world, but it equally raised the concern for the Governments as well. Many countries and their governments are taking steps to control the online gambling and the money that the citizens are spending overseas.

Amongst all the countries whose citizens are actively involved in the online gambling, UK is the country that is quite straightforward regarding its laws and regulations for gambling. UK gambling laws and information unlike many other countries are easy to comprehend and implement.

UK’s approach towards gambling

The UK government is quite open regarding the online gambling industry and almost every type of online gambling are operating in the country under regulation.

The online gambling industry of UK is regulated by the Gambling Commission which is further answerable to the Department of Culture, Media and Sports under the act of Gambling Act of 2005.

In UK, many land-based casinos are operating along with the poker rooms and hundreds of retail betting shops. With this, many country-based and abroad-based online casinos are operating, and this is all happening under the legally provided instructions of the UK government.

Understanding the UK’s Law for Gambling

The Gambling Commission of UK was established under the act of Gambling Act of 2995, but the act attained power after two years. The act borrowed many responsibilities previously managed by Gaming Board for Great Britain and also took over the responsibility for regulating the online gambling.

Moreover, in the year 2013, it also started managing the regulation of the National Lottery from the National Lottery System, and in short started managing all that came under the term Gambling.

As per the rule conducted by the Gambling Act of 2005, the Gambling Commission access the power to issue a license for operating gambling and impose fines too whenever necessary. Know more about the UK laws

Some of the objectives regulated under the Commission are:

  • It prevents gambling from turning into the crime, being a part of the crime, or promoting crime.

  • It ensures that the gambling, of every type and sort, in an open and even way.

  • It ensures that child and the defensible person don’t become a part of the gambling by any means and protecting them from getting exploited in any way in gambling.

In the UK, there is a strict law for the gambling being operated. As per the rules of the UK, online gambling license is provided to those UK residents whose companies’ operations are based in the UK.

UK, no doubt, is quite open to the gambling industry, but they ensure that the license issued by the government is done after determining certain factors and following certain rules. Failing to maintain the rules can result in the company losing its license and strict punishment.

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